Friday, July 23, 2010

The right choice of porcelain teeth

With the rising standard of living, the people's pursuit of the United States is also increasing. Whether it is ordinary people, white-collar workers or civil servants want their image a little more perfect, but the tiny teeth and dental defects has become marred by the serious and even also affect health.

Porcelain teeth are used like natural teeth with porcelain powder of low melting, high temperature in a vacuum sintering furnace melting ceramic formed. Porcelain teeth to produce the finished surface is smooth, transparent color, bending ability, wear resistance, aging resistance, no deformation and other advantages, in appearance little different from real teeth.

Porcelain tooth crown materials within the very many varieties, often with gold, gold-plated, zirconia, diamond aluminum alloy, titanium and ceramic, etc. (these materials without any side effects, dental restoration materials for green). I unit in the production process model or wax-type dental laser for optical scanning, computer three-dimensional map so that each finished porcelain dental patients precise, exquisite detail, and put on a very comfortable after taste.

Porcelain teeth to retain the largest is the original root (root complete necrosis can use bypass or root canal treatment), and human teeth according to different circumstances, aesthetic needs and the surrounding tooth color, size, shape, specify the color fidelity, natural form, which can match the effect of real ones, and for adult men and women all types of people.

In addition, the porcelain teeth good biocompatibility, did not stimulate the oral tissue, and easy to clean, practical and cosmetic effects. Finished porcelain teeth for Marginal much better than the resin dental prosthesis, and thus not affect the daily diet, it can completely protect the user's normal chewing function.

Porcelain teeth can be used to repair missing dentition, teeth too loose, broken teeth, missing teeth, tetracycline, loose teeth, teeth and other deformities, and the repair time is short, painless, no teeth, usually from sampling to Simply complete the installation twice, then you can have white teeth, neat and healthy, not just a sign of the United States, but also health and quality of life symbol.

If you have dental defects, not take it lightly, the teeth should be repaired as soon as possible (known as denture), select the porcelain teeth, so white and neat, color fidelity, strong teeth with you for life.

Teach you to bid farewell to tetracycline

Bleaching bleaching

Application of oxidizing or etching agents is to eliminate tooth color and color layer, so as to achieve the purpose of bleaching teeth, but not all bleaching effective, should be strictly selected specialist indications, the operation should be protecting the oral mucosa, to prevent gum by burns. Bleaching bleaching bleaching can be divided into external and internal bleaching of two. (1) External bleaching: mainly used in medium without defects tetracycline dental fluorosis and bleaching treatment. There are two ways: oxidation, the most commonly used drug is the concentration of 30% hydrogen peroxide can be used to promote proper amount of drug penetration ether, can also be used infrared, laser, heat and other methods to enhance oxidation. Because of the above have a certain corrosive strong oxidant, the late 80s began to apply bleaching. Carbamide peroxide can be combined with the organization of ecological release oxygen, toxicity and stimulation of the body, it can be under the guidance of a doctor, the patient bring their own every night in a plastic denture therapy, and drugs to squeeze into the teeth prior to care, the treatment of 3 to 5 weeks to achieve a satisfactory result. Etching method, with concentration of 18% to 36% hydrochloric acid onto colored enamel to dissolve and remove the demineralized enamel surface pigment, and then use the 10% calcium gluconate solution to tooth remineralization mineralization. Grinding may also add acid bleaching method except that the first grinding tooth colored surface than 0.1 ~ 0.2 mm thick pigment, and then etching, and further off colored layer and re-mineralization. (2) in bleaching: mainly used for front teeth discoloration, no vital teeth or severe tetracycline discoloration of tooth restoration, bleaching 30% of drug remained hydrogen peroxide. Is to do first root canal treatment, root canal filling material should be at the orifice of 2 to 3 mm, a good base pad material, in case of drug infiltration of the apical foramen. Then dipped in 30% hydrogen peroxide drugs into the medullary cavity of small cotton balls, zinc oxide eugenol cement powder tightly closed dressing was changed every 2 to 3 days, 4 to 7 times you can achieve good results, Finally cavity with composite resin.

Repair of composite resin coating

Is gradually carried out since the 80's a technical. Is the polymer surface of composite resin cement in the teeth to cover discolored teeth, or repair tooth defects. As with natural tooth colored composite resin, combined with the quality of soft, easy shaping, carving can be repeated until the restoration of dental anatomy. Composite resin coating due to the temperature after the repair, operation and many other factors, restorations can become brittle, discolored or off, so be careful to protect, to extend the service life. Should Eat less tea, coffee and other food easy to stain, in particular, be careful not to chew on hard objects to prevent the fracture of food off.

Tooth veneer

Is finished tooth surface (with resin enamel, porcelain enamel, porcelain enamel cast, the new steel hard resin tooth) paste coloring the surface of discolored teeth, or teeth of a repair defect, high hardness, wear resistance , form the United States, finish good, does not change color, the advantages of long service life. Fix the number of teeth in a long time, and often need to take a hard mode, the reproduction of the plaster model selection module modification, test occlusion, tooth edge to be finished with plaster model fit, then transplanted into the patient's teeth on the cement. Methods are generally self-curing cement plastic method, EB composite resin bonding method, enamel adhesive bonding method, light-cured composite resin bonding method. Dental Veneers shortcomings are relatively complex operation, because cement is not strong and fall off easily.

Cast ceramic, porcelain fused to metal crown technique

Is the relatively high-end cosmetic repair, their hardness, wear resistance and very close to the natural teeth, less breakable, and beautiful color, good compatibility with the gum, but expensive and limited application.

Orthodontics is not a simple

Some people have to think too complicated orthodontics, too cautious, on the contrary, some people think but to orthodontic too simple, too casually, that orthodontics is a very simple thing, but wearing a capped it.

"Orthodontics properly, food to eat," the article had appeared on the network won the high hits, due to correct improper relationship disorders in patients with upper and lower teeth, not only failed to correct, but to have gum bleeding, swelling, and even eat into problem. Experts stressed that dental treatment must go to regular hospitals.

Correct teeth, not as some patients think, as long as wearing a simple braces, orthodontics needs regular professional orthodontic crowding of teeth from patients, arch protrusion, surface type, growth conditions, genetic factors considered comprehensively to develop the best treatment plan, braces and retainer to wear between one and a half to three years.

In addition, the dentist is not the orthodontic practitioner, Orthodontics is a highly specialized subject, orthodontic practitioners need to be very strict qualification examination and approval.

Correction needs to be done before the following examination:

(1) teeth printed: (ie taking model) and the situation is right or wrong for doctors to diagnose and design, and in the subsequent course of treatment for comparison checks.

(2) Photo: Before treatment, a doctor should be routine for patients with facial photographs and occlusion according to the photo, left to the future and the end of treatment for comparison.

(3) X-ray examination: patients with conventional shooting each cephalometric and panoramic radiographs.

(4) develop treatment programs: doctor according to the models, photographs and X-ray film, through measurement, calculation, combined type diagnosis wrong, and to develop a detailed treatment. Then doctors explained to the patients and family members of patients in all treatment programs, to seek the views of patients and their families. Treatment plan, patients or family members of patients sign the consent form.

To consult and seek treatment for many people still do not understand why orthodontic tooth. The purpose of extraction is to use the extraction space lined the crowded teeth; use of extraction space and improvement of the dental arch protrusion and improve face; the use of tooth extraction after the occlusion gap adjustment made after the cusp fossa staggered, occlusal contact area to achieve the best chewing efficiency. During orthodontic treatment is required depends on the governed without tooth crowding teeth and the bones and so on. Should be conducted prior to the dental film, modulus, and only on the film in the arrangement of teeth and a plaster model of teeth to accurately judge before they can determine the course of orthodontic tooth or not.

Porcelain teeth favorites - all-ceramic dental

Metal ions within the PFM will cause adverse reactions, such as black gum, gum bleeding, atrophy; and should be within the crown of the existence of the metal, light transmission, color and shape and there is a big difference between natural teeth, but will the light and have a "Green Grey" effect. Therefore, oral health care profession has been working to change this state.

Porcelain teeth with its outstanding performance in a wide range of applications in some developed countries, is the first choice in patients with repair material. Its superior performance in:

1. Gingival margin without the black lines, no heavy feeling, no swelling and bleeding gums, so you really feel that ceramic dental gum from your own grow out of.

2. With real teeth to match the light transmission, no longer under the lights "flashing green teeth" embarrassment.

3. And PFM strength comparable teeth do not have to worry about porcelain cracking phenomenon.

4. No adverse effects of metal ions leaking your health.

5. Molars less, greater retain their teeth. There are many all-ceramic dental system, the most commonly used in clinical There are several

1. Cast ceramic Empress II system, Degudeng system for anterior dental, tetracycline veneer repair and replacement of traditional dental inlay restoration.

2. CERCON system: suitable for restoration of posterior teeth, missing teeth and more of the bridge repair.

All-ceramic dental more humane in its design is also a growing number of patients, but medical technology and operating experience requirements are high. Charity Hospital now has many years of dental porcelain repair systems to produce all kinds of rich clinical experience, professional physician will measure your custom color match your beautiful face and personality teeth, so that your health is more brilliant smile.

Precautions wearing orthodontic braces

First: fixed appliances bonded by a special material on the teeth, including 2-5 days, the teeth may feel sore due to force. Oral appliance also may be bruised, but these are tolerated, and preventable, and after a week will automatically disappear, generally do not need to take medicine, Yihoumeici Huanzhe after referral teeth may feel tight for pain, but very slight, on the contrary, severe pain is not normal.

Second: put on after the appliance can brush your teeth, but look more carefully, we must pay attention to oral hygiene, proper brushing methods.

Third: The treatment does not affect the teeth to eat. As for food we should pay attention, too hard or too sticky foods will cause the appliance damage or loss, which affect the treatment effects (These foods include: hard candy, soft candy, plum, peanut, bones, barbecue, sugar cane , apples, pears, etc.). The daily rice, vegetables, eggs, meat can be asked to eat is not wrong, really want to eat some food by no means, such as pork, poultry, you can tick down and enjoy the meat, slice apples pears can be shaved to eat sugarcane juice drink can, it would appear, food will not make much respect.

Fourth: appliance placement is completed, usually once a month return visit.

Fifth: Towards the end of treatment, produced under the condition of patients retainer to maintain the treatment results achieved, if we continue to wear, normally does not relapse.

New tricks for beautiful teeth flash installed

If diamonds and fitted in the teeth, what would feel? Taiwanese singer Chang Hui-mei to do so.

Since Mei teeth bordered red cross drilling, many hip-hop nation are also diamond-studded teeth. In the "articulate" is said, it is now the office of this trend spread to white-collar family. With the New Year's party, party frequently, many fashion make-up to the teeth crush. In order to increase the lethal smile, dazzling "dental drill" with the wave of this year's flash.

"Dental drill" is very small, usually not easy to find, but once the stand in the sun or other party in the gorgeous light environment, it can burst of bright light, make people laugh full of charm. With the 40-year-old Ms. Huang bordered "Diamond" very happy after the one you can show off their healthy teeth, the second to laugh impressive. Ms. Chen, as the administrative staff to Cougerenao this time also, the reason is simple: the New Year is about to come, the company will organize the party, a festive dinner and other activities, usually can not wear to work out of, now first give teeth bordered "Diamond" to the time of a shiny look, people will suddenly not the same. Diamond = crystal ornaments teeth tooth

The so-called "diamond-studded teeth," is only fashion statement. According to doctors, which originated from Europe's "diamond" fashion school called "dental decoration" is often said that "Diamond Teeth Jewelry" is a figurative term, in fact, they are drawn from the natural crystal ornaments, carefully polished, thin and translucent, the thickness of 1 mm below the wearer will not bring a strange feeling; "prosthesis" refers to the use of special light-cured resin attached to the tooth surface, curing time is blue with visible light, since only operate at the enamel level, and therefore there is no mechanical damage to teeth. As early as last year, this trend has been introduced into China, but this year that really acceptable for people to know.

Teeth would have on small, decorated as a tooth "Diamond" naturally small, the market mainly in three sizes: large diameter of 2.5 mm, 1.8 mm in number, small size, only 1.2 mm. Choice, mainly size selected according to their own teeth, because Asians are not big teeth, check the number is more suitable, usually embedded in the incisor teeth next 23. Small tooth ornament, color is also very colorful, with a transparent, red, blue, green and other colors, but the market in a transparent color of most teeth decorated inside as the classic style.

Maintenance of dental decoration flash less than one year

Directly bonded to the teeth, tooth ornaments, as a foreign object easily lead to plaque deposition in their surroundings, it also requires, after diamond, carefully clean the teeth every day, and clean when the best brush moving along the upper and lower teeth, according to conventional , half scaling time, we can shine a whole year. Diamond adhesion after eating or brushing teeth are generally easy to create off, if it is really off accidentally swallowed, will not harm the body. Doctors also warned that, although no damage to the teeth, tooth ornaments, but if disinfection is not sufficient, it is easy to cause cross-infection. More important to note that one-time items decorated teeth, can not re-use, embedded prior to check the "Diamond" is sealed packaging.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Why teeth pigmentation

Many factors causing tooth colored, mainly in the following categories:

Dental fluorosis, also known as dental fluorosis, or tooth enamel plaque. Incidence of this disease with regional characteristics, mainly because of excessive fluoride in drinking water caused. The mild cloudy opaque enamel surface of teeth, was chalk color; moderate leaving it yellow or brown teeth are yellow irregular patches; severe, except for color changes, accompanied by tooth enamel defects.

Enamel hypoplasia of teeth in the development process, the surface of the enamel due to lack of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D and other substances; or by the role of harmful factors of the teeth caused by developmental disorders. Light surface of the tooth enamel was opaque colored chalk flapping, loose rough, may, but was brown food coloring. Severe, tooth enamel defects may appear substantial, showing absence of nest-like or band, or no enamel covering. Tetracycline stained teeth during the tooth development, especially in children under 8 years of age or pregnant women, if taken tetracyclines (such as tetracycline, oxytetracycline, doxycycline, etc.), then easily lead to tooth discoloration, known as tetracycline stained teeth. This is because the drugs tetracycline tooth tissue with calcium ions combine to form solid calcium tetracycline, with age, color will gradually increase, about 18 years after becoming stable.

According to color depth, clinical can be divided into four degrees: once tetracycline, leaving it even the milk of their teeth yellow or light yellow; degrees tetracycline, teeth, ranging from leaving it uniform pale-brown or brownish shades; three tetracycline , leaving it a uniform depth teeth, ranging from pure gray, brown or gray and black; tetracycline four times, leaving it Huihe teeth black or gray, can be combined enamel hypoplasia, associated with tooth defects.

Opalescence teeth as an autosomal dominant genetic disease, rare. Unique purple blue teeth changes, exposure of dentin bright, translucent yellow-brown, easy to wear teeth, residual roots were severe, form.

Commonly known as cavities or tooth decay, dental caries, is due to the involvement of bacteria, acid and carbohydrate food glycolysis of dental erosion, over time soften the tooth, dental tissue collapse, forming black cavities.

Nonvital more discolored teeth due to caries or direct violence against bacterial infections, broken teeth, accidents, resulting in pulpal necrosis and discoloration.