Friday, July 23, 2010

Teach you to bid farewell to tetracycline

Bleaching bleaching

Application of oxidizing or etching agents is to eliminate tooth color and color layer, so as to achieve the purpose of bleaching teeth, but not all bleaching effective, should be strictly selected specialist indications, the operation should be protecting the oral mucosa, to prevent gum by burns. Bleaching bleaching bleaching can be divided into external and internal bleaching of two. (1) External bleaching: mainly used in medium without defects tetracycline dental fluorosis and bleaching treatment. There are two ways: oxidation, the most commonly used drug is the concentration of 30% hydrogen peroxide can be used to promote proper amount of drug penetration ether, can also be used infrared, laser, heat and other methods to enhance oxidation. Because of the above have a certain corrosive strong oxidant, the late 80s began to apply bleaching. Carbamide peroxide can be combined with the organization of ecological release oxygen, toxicity and stimulation of the body, it can be under the guidance of a doctor, the patient bring their own every night in a plastic denture therapy, and drugs to squeeze into the teeth prior to care, the treatment of 3 to 5 weeks to achieve a satisfactory result. Etching method, with concentration of 18% to 36% hydrochloric acid onto colored enamel to dissolve and remove the demineralized enamel surface pigment, and then use the 10% calcium gluconate solution to tooth remineralization mineralization. Grinding may also add acid bleaching method except that the first grinding tooth colored surface than 0.1 ~ 0.2 mm thick pigment, and then etching, and further off colored layer and re-mineralization. (2) in bleaching: mainly used for front teeth discoloration, no vital teeth or severe tetracycline discoloration of tooth restoration, bleaching 30% of drug remained hydrogen peroxide. Is to do first root canal treatment, root canal filling material should be at the orifice of 2 to 3 mm, a good base pad material, in case of drug infiltration of the apical foramen. Then dipped in 30% hydrogen peroxide drugs into the medullary cavity of small cotton balls, zinc oxide eugenol cement powder tightly closed dressing was changed every 2 to 3 days, 4 to 7 times you can achieve good results, Finally cavity with composite resin.

Repair of composite resin coating

Is gradually carried out since the 80's a technical. Is the polymer surface of composite resin cement in the teeth to cover discolored teeth, or repair tooth defects. As with natural tooth colored composite resin, combined with the quality of soft, easy shaping, carving can be repeated until the restoration of dental anatomy. Composite resin coating due to the temperature after the repair, operation and many other factors, restorations can become brittle, discolored or off, so be careful to protect, to extend the service life. Should Eat less tea, coffee and other food easy to stain, in particular, be careful not to chew on hard objects to prevent the fracture of food off.

Tooth veneer

Is finished tooth surface (with resin enamel, porcelain enamel, porcelain enamel cast, the new steel hard resin tooth) paste coloring the surface of discolored teeth, or teeth of a repair defect, high hardness, wear resistance , form the United States, finish good, does not change color, the advantages of long service life. Fix the number of teeth in a long time, and often need to take a hard mode, the reproduction of the plaster model selection module modification, test occlusion, tooth edge to be finished with plaster model fit, then transplanted into the patient's teeth on the cement. Methods are generally self-curing cement plastic method, EB composite resin bonding method, enamel adhesive bonding method, light-cured composite resin bonding method. Dental Veneers shortcomings are relatively complex operation, because cement is not strong and fall off easily.

Cast ceramic, porcelain fused to metal crown technique

Is the relatively high-end cosmetic repair, their hardness, wear resistance and very close to the natural teeth, less breakable, and beautiful color, good compatibility with the gum, but expensive and limited application.

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