Friday, July 23, 2010

New tricks for beautiful teeth flash installed

If diamonds and fitted in the teeth, what would feel? Taiwanese singer Chang Hui-mei to do so.

Since Mei teeth bordered red cross drilling, many hip-hop nation are also diamond-studded teeth. In the "articulate" is said, it is now the office of this trend spread to white-collar family. With the New Year's party, party frequently, many fashion make-up to the teeth crush. In order to increase the lethal smile, dazzling "dental drill" with the wave of this year's flash.

"Dental drill" is very small, usually not easy to find, but once the stand in the sun or other party in the gorgeous light environment, it can burst of bright light, make people laugh full of charm. With the 40-year-old Ms. Huang bordered "Diamond" very happy after the one you can show off their healthy teeth, the second to laugh impressive. Ms. Chen, as the administrative staff to Cougerenao this time also, the reason is simple: the New Year is about to come, the company will organize the party, a festive dinner and other activities, usually can not wear to work out of, now first give teeth bordered "Diamond" to the time of a shiny look, people will suddenly not the same. Diamond = crystal ornaments teeth tooth

The so-called "diamond-studded teeth," is only fashion statement. According to doctors, which originated from Europe's "diamond" fashion school called "dental decoration" is often said that "Diamond Teeth Jewelry" is a figurative term, in fact, they are drawn from the natural crystal ornaments, carefully polished, thin and translucent, the thickness of 1 mm below the wearer will not bring a strange feeling; "prosthesis" refers to the use of special light-cured resin attached to the tooth surface, curing time is blue with visible light, since only operate at the enamel level, and therefore there is no mechanical damage to teeth. As early as last year, this trend has been introduced into China, but this year that really acceptable for people to know.

Teeth would have on small, decorated as a tooth "Diamond" naturally small, the market mainly in three sizes: large diameter of 2.5 mm, 1.8 mm in number, small size, only 1.2 mm. Choice, mainly size selected according to their own teeth, because Asians are not big teeth, check the number is more suitable, usually embedded in the incisor teeth next 23. Small tooth ornament, color is also very colorful, with a transparent, red, blue, green and other colors, but the market in a transparent color of most teeth decorated inside as the classic style.

Maintenance of dental decoration flash less than one year

Directly bonded to the teeth, tooth ornaments, as a foreign object easily lead to plaque deposition in their surroundings, it also requires, after diamond, carefully clean the teeth every day, and clean when the best brush moving along the upper and lower teeth, according to conventional , half scaling time, we can shine a whole year. Diamond adhesion after eating or brushing teeth are generally easy to create off, if it is really off accidentally swallowed, will not harm the body. Doctors also warned that, although no damage to the teeth, tooth ornaments, but if disinfection is not sufficient, it is easy to cause cross-infection. More important to note that one-time items decorated teeth, can not re-use, embedded prior to check the "Diamond" is sealed packaging.

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