Friday, July 9, 2010

Describes dental implants

Implants upstart of Office: If you have teeth to be extracted, conventional repair methods are first tooth, teeth extraction healing to be 2 to 3 months after the denture. If the front teeth, an ugly period of time would not have said. Even with a plastic temporary dentures, not good to see where, and foreign body sensation obviously, wearing very uncomfortable.

Next we must choose Xiang dentures or fixed dentures. Abstract wear dentures every day, it is trouble! Wearing uncomfortable, but also exposed the clasp (metal hook), it is affecting appearance. Although fixed dentures beautiful, much better comfort, but the need for missing teeth grinding teeth on both sides, if both sides of the teeth are very healthy, grinding them is a pity.

Dental implant dentures as fixed as beautiful, comfortable, and does not require adjacent healthy teeth grinding, it is to get both options. Sometimes can be planted in the extraction at the same time, this time missing teeth does not exist, does not influence the social activities. Is suitable for immediate cultivation, need for medical treatment according to specific circumstances.

Experts clear up doubts

What is a dental implant

Not in the bone implant teeth planted seeds on his long teeth out, but in the alveolar bone is surgically implanted within the implant until the implant and bone, the production of artificial teeth in the upper.

You have pain

Implant surgery is very small, can be completed in the dental chair, generally only 15 to 30 minutes. In particular, immediate implantation, and the extraction period was completed and no increase in pain. However, if long-term tooth loss after planting, there will be bone resorption, bone defect, then surgery will be relatively complex and some of the pain.

How much

High cost of dental implant materials, so than dentures, fixed dentures you a lot. Conventional materials teeth implants per 8,000 ~ 12,000 yuan; such as aesthetics and better use of all-ceramic system, each tablet implants about 15,000.

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