Friday, July 9, 2010

Dental treatment of dislocation

Overview dislocated tooth disease

1 History of a sudden external bruises.

2, tooth extrusion-type dislocation, displacement of visible teeth tooth elongation, tilt or shift, loosening II0-III0, have sulcus bleeding, broken crown, and defect-free, temperature testing mixed reactions, teeth can shift associated with alveolar fractures.

3, teeth embedded dislocation:

Clinical crown teeth shorter or disappeared, may be associated with the shift, reverse, or an inverse relationship between jaw, sulcus bleeding, percussion pain (+++), may be associated with alveolar fractures.

Symptoms and signs of tooth dislocation

Under the impact of violence in the larger, can partially or completely dislocated tooth, periodontal ligament tear since, even from the apical foramen into the pulp of the neurovascular bundles are torn, the clinical emergence of teeth loose, tilt, elongation and pain, prevent chewing. Tooth subluxation, then the tooth from the tooth socket, or only soft tissue connection, often accompanied by gingival and alveolar bone fracture tear injury.

Points dislocated tooth treatment

1, tooth dislocation of prolapse, dental practices will shift teeth reduction under local anesthesia, fixed, Adjustment of occlusion, accompanied by alveolar fracture site during fracture reduction and fixation.

2, teeth embedded dislocation

Approach to reduction under local anesthesia teeth, dental fixed and blending.

3, tooth subluxation

Suffering from teeth cleaning surface dirt, and placing people with normal saline in the reserve; local anesthesia were clean teeth Rear Socket reset; a lot of explaining to suture soft tissue; composite resin and ligature teeth and adjacent teeth will be fixed.

Tooth dislocation treatment

As part of the dislocation, should be made to restore teeth to normal position, and about 3 weeks after ligation fixed. Such as tooth subluxation is not long, teeth should be replanted as soon as possible according to the procedures, sterilization, dental implants will be dislocation in situ, and fixed with ligation with about 3 weeks. Should generally be lower bite.

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