Friday, July 23, 2010

Orthodontics is not a simple

Some people have to think too complicated orthodontics, too cautious, on the contrary, some people think but to orthodontic too simple, too casually, that orthodontics is a very simple thing, but wearing a capped it.

"Orthodontics properly, food to eat," the article had appeared on the network won the high hits, due to correct improper relationship disorders in patients with upper and lower teeth, not only failed to correct, but to have gum bleeding, swelling, and even eat into problem. Experts stressed that dental treatment must go to regular hospitals.

Correct teeth, not as some patients think, as long as wearing a simple braces, orthodontics needs regular professional orthodontic crowding of teeth from patients, arch protrusion, surface type, growth conditions, genetic factors considered comprehensively to develop the best treatment plan, braces and retainer to wear between one and a half to three years.

In addition, the dentist is not the orthodontic practitioner, Orthodontics is a highly specialized subject, orthodontic practitioners need to be very strict qualification examination and approval.

Correction needs to be done before the following examination:

(1) teeth printed: (ie taking model) and the situation is right or wrong for doctors to diagnose and design, and in the subsequent course of treatment for comparison checks.

(2) Photo: Before treatment, a doctor should be routine for patients with facial photographs and occlusion according to the photo, left to the future and the end of treatment for comparison.

(3) X-ray examination: patients with conventional shooting each cephalometric and panoramic radiographs.

(4) develop treatment programs: doctor according to the models, photographs and X-ray film, through measurement, calculation, combined type diagnosis wrong, and to develop a detailed treatment. Then doctors explained to the patients and family members of patients in all treatment programs, to seek the views of patients and their families. Treatment plan, patients or family members of patients sign the consent form.

To consult and seek treatment for many people still do not understand why orthodontic tooth. The purpose of extraction is to use the extraction space lined the crowded teeth; use of extraction space and improvement of the dental arch protrusion and improve face; the use of tooth extraction after the occlusion gap adjustment made after the cusp fossa staggered, occlusal contact area to achieve the best chewing efficiency. During orthodontic treatment is required depends on the governed without tooth crowding teeth and the bones and so on. Should be conducted prior to the dental film, modulus, and only on the film in the arrangement of teeth and a plaster model of teeth to accurately judge before they can determine the course of orthodontic tooth or not.

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