Monday, July 12, 2010

To prevent children malocclusion

Malocclusion is a developmental malformation, causes more complex and usually by genetic factors and environmental factors. According to the survey, malocclusion of 60% -70% are caused by the external environment, so the majority of malocclusion can be prevented, the main should achieve the following points:

(1) from eugenics to solve the genetic cause of malocclusion. Note that the mother's nutrition and health, prevention of maternal disease, is to ensure that a prerequisite for normal development of the fetus. Baby was born, to prevent injury during production.

(2) Note that feeding infants and young children. On infant feeding and reasonable to take proper feeding posture is very important. Promote breastfeeding, artificial feeding, it is best to use similar mothers nipple pacifier, pacifier of the hole is not too large, 1-2 mm in diameter is appropriate. Children are able to chew food, they should eat Shaoying and easily digestible food to exercise muscles, to promote the development of masticatory organs.

(3) attention to physical and mental health care, better nutrition and the importance of oral health. Timely detection and treatment of systemic diseases such as rickets, dyspepsia, endocrine disorders, and chronic inflammation of the nasopharynx, early filling of dental caries.

(4) to correct the bad habit of infants and young children. First, remove the bad habits of the cause, that occurred soon after a short duration of bad habits, to remind and to guide parents through patient persuasion, is not difficult to correct. Need to get rid of bad habits when using a variety of devices to help children overcome bad habits.

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