Friday, July 9, 2010

Characteristics of Orthodontics

In recent years, more and more young children missing teeth arranged to orthodontic correction of dental clinics. Modern Dentistry believes that dental malocclusion deformity is not a disease, but a function of the body and on the potential impact of psychological disability, Orthodontics and has been seen as a physical function and mental health-related health care .

Orthodontics has its own characteristics:

First, the error correction of deformity of the treatment of disease is different from the general needs of injections and medicine, which mainly rely on internal or external wear oral appliances, dental, alveolar and jaw impose appropriate "biological force", it produce physiological movement, thereby correcting wrong deformity.

Secondly, a longer course of treatment. Treatment when the teeth, jaw movement is gradual, in the treatment process, carried out by doctors on the appropriate appliance AB, aim to gradually move the teeth, so a longer course of treatment, usually two years, a complex malformation could longer. Treatment process usually takes patients referral hospital once every 3-4 thoughtful, return visit of the treatment based mainly on malocclusion cases, the appliance appropriate adjustments. Frequent referral afterburner, in order to "fast the whole tooth," but will lead to periodontal damage, haste makes waste.

In addition, the need for patient co-operation. Correction of the force provided by the appliance, the patient can wear it to play a serious role. Day activities in particular appliance in patients with the patient's course of treatment will determine the length and the net effect of the treatment.

Finally, a certain degree of orthodontic treatment is not reversible, unlike spectacles, an inappropriate one can do. Especially for those extraction cases, once the treatment failed, once again successful treatment difficult.

Orthodontic technology-intensive, long course of treatment, risk, the cost of orthodontic also higher. Therefore, correction of deformity should be selected dental professional medical oral correction. Only a comprehensive professional medical diagnosis, to develop the most appropriate corrective program. Correct result should be beautiful, harmonious, unified and stable, rather than simply be a simple aligned teeth.

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