Friday, July 23, 2010

Porcelain teeth favorites - all-ceramic dental

Metal ions within the PFM will cause adverse reactions, such as black gum, gum bleeding, atrophy; and should be within the crown of the existence of the metal, light transmission, color and shape and there is a big difference between natural teeth, but will the light and have a "Green Grey" effect. Therefore, oral health care profession has been working to change this state.

Porcelain teeth with its outstanding performance in a wide range of applications in some developed countries, is the first choice in patients with repair material. Its superior performance in:

1. Gingival margin without the black lines, no heavy feeling, no swelling and bleeding gums, so you really feel that ceramic dental gum from your own grow out of.

2. With real teeth to match the light transmission, no longer under the lights "flashing green teeth" embarrassment.

3. And PFM strength comparable teeth do not have to worry about porcelain cracking phenomenon.

4. No adverse effects of metal ions leaking your health.

5. Molars less, greater retain their teeth. There are many all-ceramic dental system, the most commonly used in clinical There are several

1. Cast ceramic Empress II system, Degudeng system for anterior dental, tetracycline veneer repair and replacement of traditional dental inlay restoration.

2. CERCON system: suitable for restoration of posterior teeth, missing teeth and more of the bridge repair.

All-ceramic dental more humane in its design is also a growing number of patients, but medical technology and operating experience requirements are high. Charity Hospital now has many years of dental porcelain repair systems to produce all kinds of rich clinical experience, professional physician will measure your custom color match your beautiful face and personality teeth, so that your health is more brilliant smile.

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