Friday, July 23, 2010

Precautions wearing orthodontic braces

First: fixed appliances bonded by a special material on the teeth, including 2-5 days, the teeth may feel sore due to force. Oral appliance also may be bruised, but these are tolerated, and preventable, and after a week will automatically disappear, generally do not need to take medicine, Yihoumeici Huanzhe after referral teeth may feel tight for pain, but very slight, on the contrary, severe pain is not normal.

Second: put on after the appliance can brush your teeth, but look more carefully, we must pay attention to oral hygiene, proper brushing methods.

Third: The treatment does not affect the teeth to eat. As for food we should pay attention, too hard or too sticky foods will cause the appliance damage or loss, which affect the treatment effects (These foods include: hard candy, soft candy, plum, peanut, bones, barbecue, sugar cane , apples, pears, etc.). The daily rice, vegetables, eggs, meat can be asked to eat is not wrong, really want to eat some food by no means, such as pork, poultry, you can tick down and enjoy the meat, slice apples pears can be shaved to eat sugarcane juice drink can, it would appear, food will not make much respect.

Fourth: appliance placement is completed, usually once a month return visit.

Fifth: Towards the end of treatment, produced under the condition of patients retainer to maintain the treatment results achieved, if we continue to wear, normally does not relapse.

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