Monday, July 12, 2010

Scaling the dental health you will damage

The brothers really at a loss more than two rows of neat station, usually idle much to complain things to eat one hit knock. "This is a riddle on the teeth. Tooth is an organ to accompany one of the oldest human beings. A healthy beautiful teeth, not only can improve the quality of life, social interaction plays an important role, no wonder some people have teeth as" window dressing " a very important part of the project. World Health Organization on oral health very seriously, and to "clean teeth, no cavities, no pain, gingival color normal, no bleeding," the development of oral health standards.

Got past most of the patients were to hospitals or clinics after dental treatment, very little thought scaling, there is no such concept. In recent years, with the rising standard of living, people's understanding of the importance of dental care growing, "scaling" the term has gradually entered the ordinary life. However, some people are still not solution because of the scaling purposes, coupled with some empirical factors, there Misunderstanding.

Mistakes will lead to a scaling and polishing teeth increases, damaged teeth, causing tooth hypersensitivity.

Those who hold this view, the first is the principle and purpose of scaling do not know. At present, regular dental hospitals and clinics in the scaling, high-frequency oscillation by ultrasonic, removing stones and calcification of the teeth surface dirt, avoid further stimulate gums, bleeding, fear of acid, fear of sweet, heat intolerance, cold symptoms, which led to inflammation of the gums. This cleaning of the teeth is not wear and damage. Second, after scaling and polishing teeth allergies, teeth increases, did not feel too comfortable, because there is no scaling of the habit over the years, dental calculus attached to the teeth on too long and hard and high, once removed, the contrary not used. Coupled with long-term non-scaling, leading to gingival recession, root exposure, usually covered with stones, wash occur after certain allergies. Calculus if not removed, will greatly enhance the incidence of oral disease. As for the teeth, and this is already there, only a long time without cleaning, to stone to block up.

Mistakes 2 scaling time-consuming and uncomfortable to spend money, not necessary.

Many people will cite some examples of this: so and so for the elderly, 90 years old, I never brushed their teeth, have not washed his teeth, still live happily; certain elderly people, have long had no teeth, the body has been very good This year almost hundred years old. Some people also believe that old people can not afford to unlucky teeth. In fact, these statements are wrong. Tooth is protected well, can accompany life. World Health Organization definition of health for the elderly there is a is: "Health for the elderly over 20 should have their own teeth."

In general, every six months or a year you can wash your teeth, for smokers, the best a wash about 3 months. Regular dental cleaning, not only clean the teeth, the doctor who can at the same time do a dental check-scaling, easy to find problems, timely treatment. The first scaling, because the plaque more likely to be some uncomfortable, but if we continue down and pay attention to maintaining oral cleaning, scaling much better next time.

Through the cleaning, not only the teeth will become cleaner, mouth odor (generally due to dental disease, the Department did not receive timely treatment due to) will eliminate. This is not only to achieve "good teeth, like appetite, body Bel bar, do you eat incense", but will improve self-confidence, for successful social interaction also plays an invaluable role.

Finally, the need to remind you that always have to have regular dental hospitals or clinics scaling. Because, generally after scaling to the stone, sand blasting, to the pigment, polishing the four procedures, and those who charge very low scaling point, usually only do the first step, of course, will not be able to achieve health, pretty teeth purposes.

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