Friday, July 23, 2010

The right choice of porcelain teeth

With the rising standard of living, the people's pursuit of the United States is also increasing. Whether it is ordinary people, white-collar workers or civil servants want their image a little more perfect, but the tiny teeth and dental defects has become marred by the serious and even also affect health.

Porcelain teeth are used like natural teeth with porcelain powder of low melting, high temperature in a vacuum sintering furnace melting ceramic formed. Porcelain teeth to produce the finished surface is smooth, transparent color, bending ability, wear resistance, aging resistance, no deformation and other advantages, in appearance little different from real teeth.

Porcelain tooth crown materials within the very many varieties, often with gold, gold-plated, zirconia, diamond aluminum alloy, titanium and ceramic, etc. (these materials without any side effects, dental restoration materials for green). I unit in the production process model or wax-type dental laser for optical scanning, computer three-dimensional map so that each finished porcelain dental patients precise, exquisite detail, and put on a very comfortable after taste.

Porcelain teeth to retain the largest is the original root (root complete necrosis can use bypass or root canal treatment), and human teeth according to different circumstances, aesthetic needs and the surrounding tooth color, size, shape, specify the color fidelity, natural form, which can match the effect of real ones, and for adult men and women all types of people.

In addition, the porcelain teeth good biocompatibility, did not stimulate the oral tissue, and easy to clean, practical and cosmetic effects. Finished porcelain teeth for Marginal much better than the resin dental prosthesis, and thus not affect the daily diet, it can completely protect the user's normal chewing function.

Porcelain teeth can be used to repair missing dentition, teeth too loose, broken teeth, missing teeth, tetracycline, loose teeth, teeth and other deformities, and the repair time is short, painless, no teeth, usually from sampling to Simply complete the installation twice, then you can have white teeth, neat and healthy, not just a sign of the United States, but also health and quality of life symbol.

If you have dental defects, not take it lightly, the teeth should be repaired as soon as possible (known as denture), select the porcelain teeth, so white and neat, color fidelity, strong teeth with you for life.

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