Monday, July 12, 2010

How to choose the material porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth to do a trust to choose the hospital; Second, we must consider the design of the condition of patients, not just to beautiful and disregard for health, blind conformity. Precious porcelain teeth on the merits: the usual distinction between porcelain teeth from the materials, mainly metal and porcelain teeth two porcelain teeth. The former is a metallic crown on the porcelain, the latter no metal inside the crown, all with porcelain production.

Porcelain teeth of the biggest advantages is the beautiful, good biocompatibility, on the gums to stimulate small and difficult to distinguish true and false color. PFM dental metallic materials and non-metallic materials, both the advantages of both appearance and a relatively high intensity. In particular, precious metals and all-ceramic porcelain porcelain teeth teeth, to avoid metal allergies and gum black lines issue, more gentle color, vivid, natural, precious porcelain teeth mainly developed countries.

The price of porcelain teeth: from 1 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan around the precious metal porcelain teeth, patients often make it difficult to make a decision, fear of high prices, "Ai Zai", the lowest of the heart, not practical. Same porcelain teeth, why is the price difference so much?

Start looking porcelain tooth material, imported and domestic types, the effect on performance and very different, the price naturally different. Second, from the equipment point of view, making porcelain dental porcelain furnace ordinary 4-5 million, while imports to more than ten million. Dawn Advanced Dental Centre in Guangzhou in China the first to use computer-aided design and production systems approach, can create the perfect all-ceramic tooth. Another point of view from the color of porcelain teeth, porcelain teeth white color is not the more the better, but to the natural harmony, using computer-aided colorimeter can be up to hundreds of species with the gradation.

Therefore, the price difference between the quality of a large porcelain teeth are very different, to ensure the quality, under normal circumstances, a porcelain teeth should not be less than 500 yuan.

The indications on the precious metal dental porcelain: metal porcelain teeth meet a wide range, not too many contraindications, all persons for Xiang fixed dentures, can Xiang porcelain teeth, including the elderly. But age is too small (under 18) without consideration, because at this time a large pulp cavity, dental pulp preparation time easy to wear. In addition, the age is too small, incomplete tooth eruption, with age, exposing the edge line should be twice to repair, there are certain economic losses. Missing too many teeth, upper and lower teeth bite too tight, etc. are not suitable for Xiang precious porcelain teeth.

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