Friday, July 9, 2010

Seven methods of identifying porcelain teeth

The accuracy of the edge of porcelain teeth, is to identify the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain teeth and most important a basic criterion, is more of a place current problems. Porcelain crowns and precision is reflected in the joints between the teeth, the smaller the gap the better, or bacteria can easily enter, leading to tooth decay inside, broken, resulting in repair failure. Located below the gingival crevice, often overlooked in patients. This gap will accompany porcelain teeth for life, and determine the fate of natural teeth. This is also a key test of the level of medical technology, where the highest technology content and process of treatment every step of the impact on the accuracy of porcelain teeth.

See color

PFM soft colors, not the more white the better. In order to cover the color of metallic crown, must have a certain thickness of the porcelain layer. Often thicker ceramic layer, the better appearance. Lack of clinical tooth preparation, it was prone to porcelain tooth colored chalk or dull, hypertrophy. However, the pursuit of aesthetic effect, the teeth were ground and easy to cause excessive tooth nerve exposed at the same time increasing the possibility of breaking. Therefore, we must grasp the precise tooth preparation techniques, both to ensure adequate thickness of porcelain teeth without nerve injury.

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Teeth appeared to be normal, not hypertrophy, a lot of explaining no foreign body sensation. Clinically, there is usually a mistake, that is, hypertrophy of porcelain teeth, lips and tongue, leading to discomfort, that the teeth are thick, while the Pro side of the thickening and morphology lead to unhealthy teeth and gums are bad stimulus, resulting in swelling of the gums. This is caused because it has not even Jingque cutting, while on the characteristics of various ceramic crown, Xingneng must have clear Zhangwo, and Zuochu personalized tooth preparation, the guarantee enough of the porcelain layer Houduo in assuring the least amount of grinding In addition to the tooth structure.

See gum

Gingival surgery should not be bleeding, no postoperative swelling, redness, discoloration. Gum problems are often ignored, most cases of failure have gum problems. You can look at patients with gingival porcelain to do, without swelling, bleeding is half success. Gum is not sensitive to pain, even severe injury would not have pain, but the gums porcelain dental health is an important indicator of success, every step of production process not in place have an impact on the gums. Neck surgery in the teeth preparation, if not carefully protect the gums, bleeding gums, often leading to injury, so prone to Xiang gum irritation after wearing porcelain teeth, bleeding, shrinkage, appearance of front teeth. At the same time is not conducive to high-precision modulo. After the gingival swelling, redness, discoloration, largely due to the tooth crown and not due to microleakage, but also in part due to metal allergy reasons.

Look comfortable

Porcelain teeth were ground part of the necessary tooth structure, modern anesthetic techniques can guarantee the entire treatment process painless. The key problem is that the process of tooth preparation to ensure the tooth nerve is not damaged. At the same time meet the qualifying time for porcelain teeth very short, usually a few days feeling normal. Pain throughout the course of treatment required, after a short adaptation period.

Read function

Beautiful porcelain teeth in the teeth at the same time should not affect the original function. Patients may lack the professional Zhi Shi Shang physiological abnormality or loss of function and not immediately Yi Shi, which causes the complications of less Liao Jie Ye, Er resulting from the adverse consequences will Bansui life of patients. Porcelain crown is a technical high treatment programs, to produce a high quality porcelain crown, the design must undergo a rigorous, personalized and accurate than the color and precise tooth preparation, careful to protect the gums, the dentin completely closed high precision impression, temporary crown made perfect, strict production technicians carefully qualified crown bonded, fine blending and polishing steps. Ignore any step which would cause a decline in the quality of porcelain crown.

See lasting

Good porcelain teeth should have good biocompatibility. Precious porcelain dental all-ceramic dental and more satisfactory, because of its chemical inertness and electrical corrosion resistant, non-allergic tissue, while ordinary stainless steel porcelain teeth, wearing a period of time, gingival margin of the visible edge of a dark gray.

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