Friday, July 9, 2010

Deformity correction of the teeth

Dental abnormalities include anterior crown is too small, sparse teeth, eye teeth, the former crown incomplete, broken front teeth touch, "to package Days", etc..

Before the tooth crown is too small

Small or anterior teeth were cone-shaped crown, very beautiful when joking grin. This tooth now has a good repair method, restored, and the real teeth of the same color, elegant appearance. The repair methods were: too small to wear the crown all the appropriate amendments, the production of a metal crown cover, and then put on a metal crown covered with a layer of porcelain or composite resin. After this repair, can restore normal tooth shape and color of natural teeth, can better play their masticatory function.

Teeth sparse

Children should start before the teeth sparse control. Young people's front teeth sparse, available two ways Correction: A composite resin is transferred into the same color of natural teeth, the crown up, make up a good gap; the other is to add teeth to move closer to the front teeth to remove a small gap to 1 to 2 spaces up, then denture or fixed partial denture space. This surgery general dental hospitals.


As the eye teeth can affect the lips of activities and beautiful, some people will pull it. Eye teeth pulled after the collapse of the face appears on the mouth, nasolabial fold deepens, facial fullness decreased, showing an old state, thus affecting the whole face of the United States. Therefore, when pulling eye teeth prudent attitude. In order to maintain face is full, can be used during orthodontic treatment, extraction of teeth behind the eye teeth, or to wear small, then push or pull the eye teeth to normal position. This method may take 2 to 6 months, more effective removal of eye teeth.

Former crown incomplete

Trauma, caries or incorrect brushing method may result in incomplete crown or the tooth crown neck deep wedge-shaped defects, which affect not only beautiful, hot and cold to stimulate the pain and some can also occur (dentin hypersensitivity), pulpitis, alveolar abscess. Therefore, when the occurrence of defects should be repaired in time crown. The current use of composite resin material is repaired with similar real teeth, and never change color. If only the rest of the teeth and root, and do not arbitrarily remove, use of tooth root, fixed on the dentures, dentures after tooth extraction results than the much better.

Broken front teeth touch

Labor, sports, military training or travel, the occasional touch down, front teeth knocked accident, to beauty and great impact on dental features. When this situation, do not to fall off the teeth of teeth and thrown away, because there are ways to connect the broken tooth and can keep the original look. Teeth knocked sooner the better plant, but also from 1 month after successful replantation. If you can not be rushed to hospital in time can be broken off teeth or tooth Rinse clean and then placed in dilute salt water preservation, such as when the doctor brought.

"To package Days" is a jaw tooth development caused by abnormal or bad habits. This is not only very beautiful, and the impact of chewing and development. The most common correction method for correcting device with bevel down, about 6 months to 1 year. Followed by the elastic rubber band traction. Then there are surgical methods. Correction is completed, it seldom recurrence.

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